Changings – new beginning?

I don’t know if there is still someone out there.

The more time flies, to more I get to know myself.

What did I learnt passed few weeks / months? I don’t like to force myself, especially for non-related work activities.

When I started that blog more than one year ago (gosh, I didn’t realized how long it was), I read articles about “how to make your blog sucessful” and everything, one of the advice was to have a theme and stick to it.

Problem (or not) is that I can’t stick to only one theme! I am the kind of person who likes lots of different things and like to share about it. From everyday life, to cooking, to yoga, to gardening, etc…

Blogging is one thing I enjoy, but I think I need to speak about what I’m in at the moment. Life has been little tense past months and I totally lost the desire to cook. I spent weeks eating pre-made food, pizza, and McDonalds.

I feel time has come to change. This blog was created for me at the beginning and if it please someone else, good !

In my quest of finding myself a purpose, let’s use this blog as a lab !



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