Cooking recipe #29 – Vegan Raspberry Christmas cake

Hi there !

Hope everyone had great Christmas & New Year’s Eve with close ones. Personnally, I spent Christmas time at my parents and my mom let me cook the dessert. We wanted something fresh and light to conclude the dinner, something easy, not too fat.

I adapted this recipe to make it vegan.

I had some troubles to find the good ratio of agar agar (raspberries were too liquid and almond milk was too thick), so I invite you to make your own experiments !

Vegan Raspberry Christmas cake :

For 8 servings :

  • 300gr of raspberries (I used frozen ones, defrost)
  • 300gr of raspberry sauce
  • 1 tea bag (optional)
  • 30cl of almond milk
  • 10cl of soja cream
  • 160gr of sugar
  • Agar agar (more or less 6gr)
  1. In one pot, heat up the sauce with 25cl of water and 100gr of sugar. Add the agar agar (approx. 4gr) when the mixture is boiling, and let it cool down. Be careful about the agar agar ratio, sauce must not be liquid once it’s cold, but not too strong either !
  2. In another pot, make boil the almond milk and cream, add the agar agar (approx. 2gr, same as the raspberry sauce, mixture must not be liquid but not too strong).
  3. Out of heat, let infuse the tea in the milk for like 5min. Then take off the tea bag and let everything cool down.
  4. In a log mold (you can line it with transparent foil if it’s not in silicone for easier demolding), dispose half of raspberries (you can save some for decoration), and cover them with half of the sauce. Leave to set in the fridge for 15min.
  5. After 15min, if the texture of raspberries is ok (not liquid !), pour the almond layer on it, and leave to set in the fridge for again 15min.
  6. Repeat same operation with raspberries and sauce leftovers and let it in the fridge until serve (at least 2 hours)

And you’re done ! You can decorate it just before serving with raspberries, grinded almonds or pistachios, shred coconut….

Enjoy !


Calories intake for 1 serving = 160 kcal

Carb = 33gr // Proteins = 1.5gr // Fats = 2gr


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