Hiking #10 – Moeze-Olerons nature reserve

Let’s finish the year with a little hike, it’s been a while ! 
This year I spent the Christmas Eve on the East Coast of France, in Bordeaux region. Here you can enjoy good wine and gastronomy but also long walks accross the sandy littoral. My father and sister are big lovers of bird watching so we took the car and went visiting the Moeze-Olerons Nature Reserve

The hike was more a walk though, it was like less than 3km come and go I guess. 

I don’t have a reflex camera so I couldn’t take pictures of the few birds we saw, but I really enjoyed the beach anyway. 

And I use the occasion to test my Christmas gift, set of lenses for my phone ! It’s not bad at all for 10€. My favorite is fisheye lens, but wide angle is also working very well. It’s more difficult to say for the macro lens because you have to put it very very close from the subject and it must not move.

Rest well for the New year’s beginning ! Hope all your wishes will come true. 


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