Travel Experience #6 – Roma (Day 2)

After our tiring walking day, we decided to enjoy the old Rome peacefully.

BF though we missed some places last time we visit in the old Rome, so we packed our bags and left the old city center by metro.

We first went to the Campidoglio. We enjoyed the atmosphere of the place, and at the same time beautiful crowd which was here for a wedding. For sure, you must have unforgettable and really really pretty pictures with a place like this one !

Our flight was quite early in the afternoon so we decide to eat for a last time in a good restaurant. I can’t remember the name, but it was recommanded by Trip Advisor. I enjoyed gnocchis and wine. I wasn’t disapointed by the taste but there wasn’t enough with my plate !

We went again eat one last ice cream near the Fontana Di Trevi and it was time to go back to the airport!

Once again, Roma didn’t disapointed us !

One last thing, to organize the trip, I baught Michelin / Rome Weekend book and I found it very complete and practical at the same time, I can only recommand you to buy it also !


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