Cooking recipe #28 –Leek chaussons

I was feeling quite arty today. I’m in my creative days so I enjoy this wave of inspiration to cook good and pretty (well, I hope!).

In my veggie basket this week, I had leeks. I like leeks, but sometimes I don’t know how to eat them except in soup. And I had the idea of making “chaussons”… I’m sorry I don’t know if there is an equivalent in english? If yes, let me know !

So, today’s recipe is warm and tasty, not very very healthy but still a way to eat veggies. It is not vegan but you can easily replace non-vegan by vegan (where I live it’s still hard to find vegan cheese in other place than internet…).

Leek Chaussons :

For 6 chaussons :

  • 2 leeks
  • 1/2 onion
  • 75gr of cream cheese
  • 1 roll of puff pastry
  • olive oil, salt, pepper, chopped chives
    1. Peel the onion, slice the onion and the leeks.
    2. In a pan with olive oil, cook the vegetables until golden.
    3. Reduce heat to warm and add the cheese. Melt everything, and if it’s too thick, add small amount of water.
    4. Adjust the taste: add salt, pepper, and chopped chives.
    5. Cut your pastry into 6 squares. Add leek on the middle and seal the edge of the chausson. Tip = use the extra pastry to create nice decor over the chaussons !
    6. Put preparation in the oven for 30min at 200°C.

And you’re done !

Calories intake by serving = 155 kcal

Carb = 15gr // Proteins = 4gr // Fats = 10gr


Maybe not enough consistant to eat only this, but you can use as an appetizer, or if you want to eat as a main course, you can prepare salad along.


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