Travel experience #6 – Roma (Arriving + Day 1)

You though we were over with Italy and Roma?

We aren’t ! Let me explain: at the beginning of October, we had the chance to go back to this wonderful city once again. BF won the weekend in Rome for 2 persons, we’d rather choose another big European capital but unfortunately, that was not possible, so we went again in Roma.

We didn’t picked our departure and arrival time. The weekend started on friday night, and the arrival to our hotel was… complicated.

First, our flight got like 1 hour and half late… Once arrived at the airport in Italy, I picked the wrong train (it was not going to the Termini railstation), so after we get to the city center, we finally choose to go to the hotel by taxi instead of walking because my GPS wasn’t working that time (note to myself: ALWAYS download a map in my GPS just in case…). The taxi didn’t cost an arm and we finally arrived at our hotel very late ( around 11.30pm ). We didn’t choose the hotel either, but it was nicely located near the Termini railstation. We were starving (no food since lunch!). Of course, the hotel restaurant was closed but the very kind man at reception indicated us a little pizzeria nearby, assuring that they will serve us, even if it was close to midnight. We went there and ate quickly our pizza with a glass of wine (of course !). Then it was time to go back to the hotel and have a good night.

We stayed at Hotel Center 1&2. As I said, people who were working here were all very kind. Our room was clean, but this morning, no hot water in the shower (huh…), and as our room was located near the entryway, we heard every single person walking on the corridor… Anyway!

As we already visited this town 6 months before, we decided to take it cool and not to rush. We took our time to choose where we wanted to go and how. After our good breakfast at the hotel, we went to take the metro to visit all the places we didn’t saw the first time.

We started by Piazza Di Spagna. Even if we were not in public holidays, and in autumn, place was very crowded! It was hard to take good pictures. Very nice place to be by the way. We climbed the whole stairs to have impressive view of the city.

Then we made our way to Piazza Del Popolo. Also a great impressive place. We liked the old guy making giant bubbles to play with kids !

We decided to lunch at Burger King, not very italian or diet, but we wanted something cheap and quick for the lunch, to enjoy better the diner.

Then we walked through the Villa Borghese gardens. Athmosphere is really calm here, you would never guess you’re in the city center of one of the biggest european capital ! We didn’t visited any museum though, we prefered enjoy the sunny and warm weather outside.

Then we made our way back, stopping by the magnificent Fontana Di Trevi (can you actually believe than we didn’t found it 1st time we came to Rome? We are just a disaster when it comes to orientation…!). Again, this place was very, VERY crowded. There was queue to throw your coin ! So, we just enjoyed the view from the side for that time and decided to come back later.

On our way to the Pantheon, we stopped by the church San Marcello Al Corso. Apparently there was kind of a festival that day, and a group of peruvian’s music was playing Kumbaya song. We stayed here for a moment, and then headed to the Pantheon.

We visited it but I was a little disapointed, it was just not as I’ve pictured it.

After all that walking, we sitted at the restaurant, resting a big and enjoying the last rays of sun before finding a good restaurant for the night.

At night, we ended at Il Baccanale Ristorante, and we ated delicious pastas with very good italian wine, which made us forget the torrential rain which started right after the sunset.

On our way back home, we stopped again to the Fontana Di Trevi, it was almost midnight but it was still crowded. We managed to go near the water to throw our coin, hey, tourist thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

See you next week for our last day in Roma !


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