Holiday Budget #2 – Week-end in Roma

A weekend in Roma for less than 250€ by person? Done !


  • Airplane Tickets : 70€ for 2 (so 45€ by pers)

Took them via internet, with random date. Good trick to have cheap flights !

  • Accomodation : 150€ for 3 nights (so 50€ by night)

AirBnB is paradise to rent cheap but very comfy appartments !

  • Food : 135€ for breakfast, lunch and dinner (for 2)

Supermarket for homemade sandwiches, beers, fast food, and also a dinner in a fancy restaurant included.

  • Moving in the city : 70€ (for 2)

We used only metro, and the ride from airport to city center is included.

  • Visits : 75€ (for 2)

We visited The Coliseum, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum and Vatican Museum.

TOTAL = 500€ // 250€ by person

Who said european capitals were expensive? 🙂


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