Cooking recipe #26 – Vegan Energy Balls

You know, I’m the kind of girl who loves middle afternoon snack time. Really, cannot live without it! Being an adult makes me think I’m too old for this but I read often that it’s not bad to eat less quantity but more often. And generally, I keep it very light at lunch time, so when I come back home at 5.00PM, I’m starving !

Instead of my really non-healthy 2 spoons of Nutella to ease my hunger, I searched for healthy recipe.

I wanted to try date so hard but never found in my supermarket… Until that time, where Muslims are celebrating Ramadan! There was a lot of chickpeas, semolina, almond paste and finally, yay, date paste ! It was even more perfect than raw dates !

So here is the recipe I came up with, only two ingredients, no baking, you cannot found easier one !

Vegan Energy Balls :

For 16 balls :

  • 500g of date paste
  • 70g of nuts of your choice, salted of not… Personnaly for this one, I took a mix of salted peanuts, cashews, almonds and hazelnuts ! Not the healthiest choice but you have to treat yourself sometimes 😉

1/ Coarsly crush the nuts into a mortar or in your food processor.

2/ Cut the date paste into 16 pieces, then roll it into your hands.

3/ Roll the balls into the nuts. And you’re done !

Bon appétit !

Calories intake for 1 ball = 115 kcal

Carb = 25gr // Proteins = 2gr // Fats = 4gr


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