Travel Experience #5 – Italy // Roma (Day 3)

For our last day in this magical city, we went visiting the unavoidable places in Roma.

On our way to the Colosseo, we found totally randomly the Basilica San Paolo fuori le mura orari. And we were lucky !

Once again, a very beautiful place… You can judge by picture.

We took back our way to the city center of Roma. We bought the combine ticket for Colosseo, Palatine and Roman Forum.

Mmmh what else can I say… I think we are really bad at orientating ourselves because we had hard time finding the entry of the Foro Romano…! But once we get in there, we were astonnished by the place. It’s really impressive when you think about it… Here, centuries before you, people were living at the exact same place, seing (almost) the exact same things as you are doing now ! It’s like you were a part of history…

We had very pleasant experience walking amongst the ruins, and climbing up to the Palatino… We really enjoying the panorama, the orange trees field, and we even saw a little rabbit !

Then, we hurried up because we also want to visit the Colosseo and time flied while we were here.

We arrived into the Colosseo maybe 45min before the closing time. Same feeling as the Foro Romano, it’s a must-do if you ever come to Rome someday.

We finished our day walking on the streets nearby, until we found a not-so bad restaurant. We drank Spritz, good white wine, ate an ossobucco and a fondant au chocolat, and it was already time to sleep for going back to France the day after.

I really enjoyed my first stay in Roma. Bad point is we didn’t took time to found good restaurant as we were so in rush to visit. Sadly, you have to make choices when you come here, one week-end is really too short to see everything, but it gives you good reasons to come here again to appreciate the particular atmosphere of the city.


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