Travel Experience #5 – Italy // Roma // Vatican City (Day 2)

For our second day in Roma, we decided to spend the entire day on Vatican city.

Our flat was not really in the city center, so to go there, we needed to take the metro, and then take a little city walk.

The most enjoyable thing in Rome is that you don’t have to pay anything to look at the magnificent pieces of architecture everywhere in the city.

To our walk to Vatican, we stopped by the Castel and Ponte Sant’Angello.

We didn’t visited it but it seemed impressive – if you have lot of time to spend in Rome, you may shouldn’t skip it. We decided to stick with basics as we hadn’t a lot of time !

Then we arrived to the San Pietro square. How magnificient ! We were very impressed by the whole security system. It was comparable to an airport security !

We visited the Basilica di San Pietro. The most beautiful church I have ever seen. I enjoy visit churchs and I have to say that the most beautiful ones are in Italy. Roma, Firenze, Milano… Everywhere !

We also took time to visit the popes museum, inside the basilica. Entrance fee was 10€/pers. Bit expensive for a one hour visit but you really enter in past popes life… Jewellery, art, furniture, clothes… Very interesting and beautiful !

At lunch, we stopped at a restaurant near the square. Very disapoiting… We ated a 8€ pizza with bad wine, but at least we were outside, bathing in the sun ( I have to say that we were in February so it was pretty cool !)

We spent the end of the day visiting the Vatican Museums. It remind me the Louvre. It was interesting and I’m the person who like art but, too much art kills art. Those museums are very big and there is too much to see in one time !

We finished our visit by stopping by the very impressive Sistine Chapel.
After the whole day walking, we were tired, we came straight back home and enjoyed a peaceful evening in our cosy flat !


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