Travel Experience #5 – Italy // Roma (Day 1)

Last Christmas, I bought to my beloved one a week-end in Roma. Whereas I came few times in Italy before, I never went to the capital. It was the occasion. We went there from the 4th to the 7th of february.

Day 1 :

We landed at Fiumicino Airport at lunch time. To go to the city center, we took the easiest (but not cheapest) solution, the train Leonardo Express. Tickets costs 14€ by person and the ride tooks 30min to go to the Termini central rail station in Roma.

Until here, everything was good ! After, hmmm… We lost like 2 hours ( like 2 HOURS, REALLY), to find where was our metro station… We waited to our bus, which never came, and then, we crossed the rail station in each direction to find FINALLY the metro station, which was (to my taste) totally lost at the end of the train station. Some Italians tried to help us but they didn’t seam to know a lot more than us !

Anyway, we took the metro, which broke down…. Metros seems really old in Roma, they are more looking like old trains than real metros… When it was on the rails again, we finally arrived near our BNB appartement, which was kind of far away from the living city center. We waited for the host because we couldn’t find our way ourselves (yeah, I think we are not good at all with orientation !!), he picked us up at the flat. We decided to go to the nearest grocery store to pick something to eat (at that time, it was almost 4PM), and decided to rest at the flat for the end of the day.

At night, we decided to go for a little walk outside to see if it was nice places to stay or to eat. We didn’t find anything tempting so we ended up in a little night store, buying some beer and chips to end our day !

We saw some street are during our night walk, I found it pretty cool, right? Apparently Hogre is a famous roman street artist, and if you’re interested, you can like his Facebook page here.

A little word about our flat now !

We rent Alessandro’s place via AirBNB, and I can only recommand you to do the same if you are planning to go to Roma one day. For sure it’s little out of the city center but you have supermarket at 5min walk, same for the metro ! And host is very kind, it’s important!


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