Cooking recipes #23 – Quince Paste

Let’s be clear: today’s recipe is not very diet or healthy at all, but damn it’s good ! When you start looking at your diet, the way you are treating you is as important as how you are “restricting” you (if we can call it like this, personnally, I don’t think I’m restricted at all).

In my weekly veggie basket past week, I got some quinces. Never bought or cooked this before ! I made some researchs on internet, and saw that was the best fruit to make paste. Moreover, christmas season approaching, it can be a nice homemade gift, that you can prepare now and give later ! So I tried for the first time my homemade fruit paste.

No, I have to admit that I did try once a few year before but it was a total disaster so… I guess it doesn’t count?

For this vegan treat recipe, you’ll need only 3 ingredients and… TIME ! (It took me about one hour to cook and few days for the paste to dry).

Quince Paste :

For 25/30 bites :

  • 2 medium quinces ( = approx. 500g of smashed quinces )
  • 500g of white sugar
  • water, additionnal sugar for “frosting”
  1. Cut the quinces into big dices without peeling it, only remove the seeds from the fruit.
  2. In a big pot, steam them or cook them into boiling water until it’s melting (approx. 30min).
  3. Then mash them in a “hand” masher (I choose this solution) or mix them in the blender to obtain a fruit purée.
  4. Weight this purée, and pour it into a big pot. Add the weight of the purée in white sugar and mix everything, with a wooden spoon, medium heat, until the purée don’t stick to the pot anymore. I read somewhere that it could take like 15min, but it took me 1h of constant mixing.
  5. Once you got the correct consistency, pour the liquid into small silicon molds or on a plate lined with baking paper. The height of liquid must no exceed 2cm.
  6. Let it dry for 3 days, then you can let it dry on other side if you like, or eat it, or roll it on white sugar to make them less sticky.
 Calories intake for 1 bite = 92 kcal
Carb = 23gr // Proteins = 0gr // Fats = 0gr

You can keep it few months stored on metallic or hermetic box.

Think maybe last time I’ll try with rapadura sugar to make it more “healthy” if it’s possible !


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