Holiday Budget #1 – Croatia

For people who thinks travel is expensive, or simply wonders how much this or that travel costs, I decided to create this new category named Travel Budget.

Like this you can have more accurate view of a budget for travelling here or there !



  • Airplane Tickets : 200€ for 2 (so 100€ by pers)

Took them via internet, with random date. Good trick to have cheap flights !

  • Accomodation : 313€ for 7 nights (so approx. 45€ by night)

AirBnB is always the best. Could have been more cheap but I like having my own flat. Moreover, this time we had 3 differents flats, which can explain bigger cost.

  • Food : 1483 HRK // approx. 200€ for breakfast, lunch and dinner (for 2)

Supermarket for homemade sandwiches, fast food, 3 dinners in restaurant included and few drinks at the bar included. It’s holidays right ?

  • Car : 275€ (for 2)
    • Rental cost : 200€
    • Gaz: 400HRK // approx. 55€
    • Toll fees : 79HRK // approx. 10€
    • Parking : 82HRK // // approx. 10€
  • Visits : 1238HRK // approx. 165€ (for 2)

Krka, boat trip to islands, Kornati excursion, Paklenica and Plitvice entrance included.

TOTAL = 1153€ // 576,5€ by person

Not bad for a whole week! And I think less than 500€ can easily be achieve deleting the restaurants.


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