Travel experience #4 – Croatia // Plitvice Lakes National Park (Day 6)

For our 6th day of planned day, we couldn’t leave Croatia before visiting one of its most famous park, of course I’m talking about Plitvice Lakes National Park, or Plitvička Jezera National Park. 296m² of woods, waterfalls, rivers and pure blue water !

I’m a bit divided about this visit. I was really looking forward to visit this place, and I expected it to be the most beautiful thing we will see during our entire trip, that’s why I chose to put in at the end of the to-do list.

Of course, it was REALLY beautiful, colored water like I’ve never seen before, fishes, amazing waterfalls… but also A LOT OF TOURISTS. Even if it was kind of early in the morning and beginning of September. I can’t imagine during “real” summer !

Anyway, this park is quite big and you can follow different path to visit it, named by letters. Following advices found on internet, we decided to walk along itinerary F, because it makes a circle in the park, and we can see most of big attraction of the park, without walking too much (we were quite tired after our hike of the day before !).

We entered the park by entrance n°2, and took directly a little boat for a ride on the Kozjak lake.

Then, we walked on boardwalks through upper lakes, enjoying the amazing colors of water.

We arrived to the Great Waterfall, measuring 76m high, which is the main waterfall of the park. We stayed here for lunch.

Then we got a little lost. At that point we should had return on our steps to go to the other sides of the lakes, but we climbed a big rock stair, and continued our path this way. We had great panoramic views, but once we realized it was not the good way, we went back to the great waterfall, to cross the lake and go to the other side.

We should have take a train to go back to our starting point but we totally missed it (not very well indicated I think…) and we re-made all the park by foot on the other side. It was also pleasant ! And instead of walking 5km, we walked approximately 15km again !
That night, we enjoyed the calm of our flat, and planned a little our last day in this fantastic country named Croatia !

See you next week for our last day in Croatia !

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