Travel experience #4 – Croatia // Paklenica National Park (Day 5)

For our 5th day in Croatia, we decided to change environnement ! After many days at the beach, we also wanted to explore croatian moutains. And I think there was no better place than Paklenica National Park near to our place to do that.

This park of 95m² on the Velebit moutains is very famous for climbers. There is tons and tons of climbing paths ! But fortunately, it is also a place for all nature lovers. There are a lot of hiking paths also. I wanted to make kind of an itinerary before we headed there but couldn’t find free map on the internet. We decided to go there and see what would happen.

So we started our hike by going from the free parking to the entrance of the park (2km!). On the way, we saw a small hinking rock trail to go to a belvedere. And belvedere is always a synonym of AWESOME view. After a small hike of 30min, we headed up to the belvedere of Paklaric Fort. Along the way, you can find educative panels with historic informations about the site. Very interesting!

We continued our path to the entrance of the park, we choose going following the car road.

Once you’ve paid your entrance tickets, you arrive directly in Velika Paklenica Canyon, the main attraction of the park. As I told you, this is THE spot for climbers. They were everywhere ! Old people, young people, parents with kids and even babies ! There was also a lot of foreing people. Climbers were very impressive to watch. I wanted to try but we didn’t come for this. But one thing is sure, if I even come back here, I’ll give it a try !

Continuing our way, after filling our bottle to the drinking water source in the park (directly from the ground, how cool is that?), we decided to go to Manita peć
summit. It was not in our plan but we though, why not? And it was a good thing that we followed our instinct.

After 1 hour and half hiking up and up through Anica kuk cliffs (I have to admit it was pretty hard with the warmth !), we finally arrived to Manita peć. Reward was an amazing point of view on the cliffs. Bonus was that we arrived just on time for the last visit of the day of Manita peć cave. Once again, we haven’t planned it but we though it would be so refreshing to enter into this very deep cave (temperature was around 10°C!). Unfortunately, I didn’t had a good enough camera to take beautiful pictures.

We ended the day going back to our car by the educational trail Pjeskarica. More pleasant than following the road ! We finishing by visiting an old mill.

I really enjoyed visiting that beautiful park! We walked for 15km the whole day but there was still some places to discover in the beautiful park… I warmly recommand !

See you in one week for 5th day in Croatia !

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