Travel experience #4 – Croatia // Kornati Island & Telašćica Park (Day 4)

For our fourth day on Croatia, I planned an excursion from city of Biograd Na Moru to Dugi Otok island.

I’ve heard that it was more convenient and less expensive to take a boat from Biograd, but it’s also possible to go to Dugi Otok from Zadar and other cities nearby.

So, after having parked our car to the harbour with no difficulties (only difficulty was to find a parking automat to pay the ticket! But people were friendly and we were able to buy it on a small shop on the street), we started the excursion on a medium sized boat. I think we were like 30 persons in there.

Boat departure was at 9am. Beginning of the trip was fun. At 9.15, they served us local brandy which was very hard to drink right after breakfast ! We made some jokes about it with two couples of french people about it. Then, the trip started to be quite long. I think we stayed in the boat for like 2 and half hours. Near lunch time, they served us grilled fish with grilled meat, with raw cabbage… It was not very good, I have to admit that I was kind of disappointed. Moreover, we had to eat in like 20/30min only because of boat were arriving on the island and we had only 2 and half hours to visit it.

Telašćica Park, main attraction of the island, is famous for its cliffs and salted lake Mir.

We chose to go to the cliffs first, as all the crowd was heading to the salted lake. Panorama was very pleasant.

Then apparently, the guide told us that there was a farm with donkeys somewhere else in the island but we couldn’t find it, even if we totally went accross the accessible part of the island…
This part only took us less than one hour… I was very disappointed to see how small the island and the park were in reality… Anyway, we decided to spend our remaining free time at Mir lake.

This lake has the specifity to be at few degrees warmer than the see, and its temperature can go up to 33°C in summer ! It was very relaxing to swim in. Even with crowd, we managed to find a quiet place to rest before the 3 hours boat ride back to firm ground.
Then, we left to Zadar for the last part of our trip, enjoying a very good pizza at Spajza Restaurant, big up to the waiter who was really adorable !

See you in one week for our next adventures !

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