Travel experience #4 – Croatia // Prvić Luka & Šepurine Island (Day 3)

For our third day in Croatia, I decided to play it relax after our big hike on the day before, and go spend some pleasant time in one of an island of Šibenik archipel.

I chose this one because I heard there was one of the most beautiful island nearby.

Gathering informations on books and internet, I didn’t really understood how it was working. When I took ferry tickets on the morning to the Jadrolinija office directly, I was counting on the women to explain me better but she seemed busy and honestly she was not very kind so I let it go. I bought our tickets without knowing where and when to take the boat.

Anyway, we managed to find the boat really quickly because it was very visible from the Jadrolinija office.

We arrived like 10minutes before the boat departure, asking again how were working the lines and where we were going but again, the captain was too busy to explain us…

During the trip, I asked some friendly english tourist to help us. They told us that you only have few boats by day for those islands so you better not miss yours ! Originally, I wanted to go to Prvić Luka but english people told us that Šepurine was apparently more beautiful. I kept that in my head.

After 45min of pleasant boat ride, we arrived at Prvić Luka.

We checked the touristic map and had the good surprise to see that Prvić Luka and Šepurine were on the same island, separate only by few km.

As we only had few hours on that island, we decided to go to Šepurine first. As said before, I think we walked like maybe 2km across that little island, enjoying the sun, the very quiet village, the blossoming gardens… Real paradise… That’s what we though. Until we reach the beach… Here was real paradise !

The sea was blue-green, very transparent, the beach was almost ours, we could saw the sea urchin when walking on the water… Pure joy, pure paradise.

We stayed here for few hours, having our homemade picnic sandwiches and then it was time to go back to the boat, and leave Šibenik to go to Biograd Na Moru.

Stay tuned for Day 4 in 1 week !

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