Travel experience # 4 – Croatia // Krka National Park & short walk in Šibenik (Day 2) 

For our second day in Croatia, I planned to visit one of its famous national park, the park which you can not pronouce the name correctly if you aren’t croatian : Krka.

We planned to arrive quite early to avoid crowds at the waterfalls.

We arrived near 9am. We choose to park at Lozovac entry, parking was free, and entering this way, you can end your walk in the park by the most impressive waterfall.

Anyway, we parked the car, bought the tickets and took a bus ride to the actual entrance of the park. It was early but we were already not alone. We followed the path through wooden pontoon, it was very pleasant to walk on the fresh air and hear nothing but waterfalls.

After one hour walking through the forest, we arrived to the main spot of the visit, Skradinski Buk, a big waterfall where you can enter the water and swim for a while. Spending time  here with almost no one, swimming with fishes is the reward for getting here early. Few hours later, it was impossible !

After hiking back to the bus, we decided to take back the car to go to another place of the Park, where we can see another waterfalls. It’s included in the ticket price, and free if you go with your own car.

To have beautiful and impressive point of view on “necklace” waterfalls, you have to deserve it, and climb like 600 steps up. It was not easy but view was very beautiful. Moreover, you can make a short stop to Oziđana Pećina cave. It was refreshing, not absolutely a must do, but it was on our way so…!
After, we only had to climb down to another area of the park to see far away the end of Roski Slap. I think it’s way better to see it by boat but we didn’t wanted to spend extra money on a boat ride.
In total,  we walked like 15km visiting the whole park.

We can only recommand to visit Krka National Park, it’s really one of our favorite visit of our trip !

At night, we were quite tired, but we made it to St Michael fortress. From up there, you have unbeatable view on Sibenik, but it have it’s price. The tour of the fortress  take like 15 min. We spent more time taking pictures !

Anyway, we didn’t regret to make it at sunset, we made one of the most beautiful pictures of the week.

After, we decided to go to the BEST RESTAURANT EVER. Seriously ! I have read somewhere that Croatia wasn’t the best place if you want to eat typical AND vegetarian / vegan. When I’m at home I’m vegetarian 100% of the time but I think it’s always interesting to taste typical food of the different countries I went with fish at restaurant (and ham for lunch sandwiches, more convenient).

So let’s back to the restaurant ! It’s called Konoba Dalmatino, and it’s located in the old town of Sibenik. It’s not really fancy or what, but the waitress was really nice. I took grilled sea bass with grilled vegetables, and it was SO GOOD. The men took grilled calamars with homemade potatoe chips and apparently it was also delicious. The white wine (chardonnay) was also not bad! We really enjoyed our food and the place.

That’s how we finished day 2!

See you in one week for day 3, stay tuned !

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