Travel experience #4 – Croatia // Šibenik by night (Day 1)

As you may know, this year, I planned to take my holidays in beautiful country named Croatia. Let me bring you in my suitcase !

I was feeling very anxious before the departure. First, I dont know why but Ryanair website didn’t worked very well and I couldn’t print out our tickets for our flight back. Then, we were missing some papers for getting our car rent (changed my Bank account, BF who didn’t had enough money for the deposit, etc…) and I was also anxious about my GPS not working, and not finding  our Airbnb flat in Šibenik

But everything went absolutely fine ! I’m the kind of person who stress out for nothing !

We started discovering the country at the local supermarket. I always love to see which strange products they are selling in foreing countries ! We ended up (amongst other stuff) with Pan and Karlovačko beer which are good, and also dimek , which is slices of cheese but with smoked ham flavour. Strange but not bad also !

As we arrived quite late, we only went to see the city center by night by foot, which was at 10min walk from the appartment.

Luckily for us, there was an event at the harbor that night, opera singers were singing known (Con te partiro for example) and unknown songs until 11pm, while boats with lights were doing kind of a choregraphy behind. It was very nice ! Unfortunately, my phone sucks at taking pictures at night…

Boat & Lights Choregraphy

Please follow our adventures next week for our Day 2, in Krka ! 🙂

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