Tips & Tricks for Travellers


I know there is a lot of articles on the internet already existing on the subject, but I wanted to share with you my tips and tricks for traveling when you don’t have a lot of money !

1- Airplane Tickets :

I like to travel far away. Far away means booking airplane. And I have the ultimate trick to book absolutely inexpensive plane tickets (just to give you an idea, last year, I booked plane tickets Marseille/Roma only 35€ by person !), trust me on this one. You only need one thing = be flexible on your date. This fantastic tool is given by Kayak Explore. You only enter your departure airport and it suggests you cheapest flights all around the world, at any time ! Sooo great.

2- Food :

Food can be very expensive, especially if you plan to eat in fancy restaurants for each meal of the day. Just go to the nearest supermarket when you land and plan your homemade sandwiches and salad, especially in summer !

3- Accomodation :

This is also a huge part of the budget. Personally, I like to have little comfort (it’s holidays after all!), be free, but still have access to Internet, some privacy and sleep in a real bed. The solution that works best for me is AirBnB. No need to talk about this website I guess! It’s like 3 or 4 times I book my appartments via this website and I’m never disappointed. For sure, I have what I paid for (I remember me and my friend, sleeping in far-away-from-city-center little appartment in London, with bad bed… but hey, we had it for like 40€ the night !!), but for me it’s very convenient. If you are more adventurous, you can try couch surfing, but I always travel with my beloved one and I prefer having my own room !

4- Planning your trip :

If you are like me, you do want to visit a maximum. My advice is just to plan what you want to do. Make some researchs, take some informations about the must-see (probably not free) places, but also free ones ! Plus, the more you plan earlier, the more you can save money for your holidays if you haven’t a lot of money to spend.

5- Mobile phone :

Holidays are made to rest ! Just put your phone on “plane mode”. First, you’ll avoid spending money into unwanted data exchanges, messages, phone calls, then, it’s very pleasant to spend time without that evil machines 😉

5- GPS or not?  :

If you’re like me, you are a total dumb with orientation. Plus, having my mobile-phone-GPS always near me makes me feel safe. So, how to orientate by yourself in total foreign country?? You have the good old paper road map… Definately not for me! Expensive option is to rent a GPS directly on the country. Generally, when you rent a car, you can rent a GPS along. You can also bring your own GPS, but make sure to buy/download the good map before leaving your country ! Other option is with Google Maps. Did you know that you can download a portion of any map into your phone? Like this you can use it for free when the plane mode is on on your mobile ! How great is that ? For using this in the car, you need to have a good copilot of course.

Here are my tips and tricks to travel in a not-so expensive way ! This will be updated as I’ll be traveling more, for sure !

What are your own tips and tricks? I would be happy to share !



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