Monthly goals #4 – September

Beginning of a new month ! Some goals have been achieved, other not, other are still on the way :

Travel Goals :
– Visit at least one place I’ve never been before.
I’ll be in Croatia when you’ll read this article ! Never went there before, can’t wait to discover !!

– Plan more seriously our visits in Croatia.
Done !

– Plan our trip in Roma for the beginning of October.
Can you believe we actually won this weekend??

Body & Mind Goals :
– Be more regular in exercising.
August has been a very lazy month… Although I did made a yoga challenge, I have to admit I was in holidays, going here and there and did not took a lot of time for yoga. I made a big run, and practiced yoga few times a week but… I’ve eaten more than exercised ! Need to loose my extra-belly now ! And return to a good diet…

– Update my pancake recipe and make it vegan with powder! If you have some tips, share it!
Didn’t worked on that either… 

– Master Sirsasana.
I’m getting better and better each time I do it ! So I think I’m ok now, and without walls ! I have done it on the beach to show to a friend and didn’t fall. Yay for me !

– Increase my flexibility.
Still on my way ! Goal is to touch my chin to my knees, so long way to go ! I think I need to make a progress picture soon.

Other Goals / Projects :

– Finish to sew the new cover for my couch. (Still not done… )

– Make some pillows for the couch (Still not done…)

– Paint the roof in yellow on my kitchen. (Still not done…)

– I have some personal big work project going on. Cannot tell about it here yet but… It’s on it’s way.

What are your plans for the upcoming month?


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