Cooking recipe #14 – Chickpeas & Zucchini Balls

When I have no idea of what to cook with veggies in my fridge, I always go to Pinterest to get some inspiration. I type the name of what I’m interested in and after having a look on 2 or 3 recipes, I always have inspiration to make my own. This is how I came with this zucchini balls !

There is not a lot of ingredients to make it, it’s easy, and healthy! It takes a little time to prepare but it’s definately worthing it.

Now let’s check the recipe, which is entirely vegan !

Chickpeas & Zucchini Balls

For 15 balls :

  • 500g of cooked chickpeas ( I took in a can, but freshly cooked are better !)
  • 2 medium zucchinis ( I had yellow ones, that’s why you see no green inside )
  • 1 medium potato
  • 1 onion
  • 150/200g breadcrumbs
  • olive oil, salt, pepper, cumin

1/ Cook first the potato, 20min in boiling water, with peel.

2/ During that time, grate the zucchinis ( I didn’t peeled them either), cut the onion into small pieces, and make them heat in a pan, hot temperature, with a large spoon of olive oil. Onion and zucchinis must turn gold and be soft.

3/ Once your potato and your zucchinis are ready, put cut veggies in the food procressor, along with chickpeas (without the liquid, obviously). Mix everything until it turns like a compote. Feel free to let few parts, it’s up to you! Personnaly I prefer when there is different textures.

4/ Once you have wanted consistency, pour the mix in a wide bowl. Add between 150 and 200g of breadcrumbs. You must be able to take one piece in your hand a make a ball with it. If mix is too liquid, add breadcrumbs. Add also salt, pepper, and cumin, at your own taste.

5/ Now, funny part, roll some balls ! You should have enough to make 15 pieces.

6/ I have an Actifry cooker so I put them in for 15min, adding little amount of olive oil.

You can cook it in a pan with oil, or in oven, I think 20min at 200° wouldn’t be bad! It depends if you want them crunchy, or soft, more healthy or not… Again, up to you!

And you’re done!

We eated it with mashed tomatoes with garlic and it was just perfect.

Calories intake for 1 piece = 120 kcal

Carb = 20gr // Proteins = 5gr // Fats = 3gr



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