Hiking #9 – Up & Around La Planche des Belles Filles

During holidays, we had the chance to spend few weeks in my parents house, located in the North East of France, not far away from the city of Besançon, Vesoul and Belfort. My dad spent his childhood here and I spent all of my teenage years here also. 

After a long train ride of few hours, we needed to walk a bit ! 

We decided to go up and around La Planche des Belles Filles, the only ski station of Haute-Saône county. We walk along a snowshoe trail. Weather was not too hot but kind of wet, very different from South of France ! 

After 2km, we first stopped to a very nice point of view to the village of Plancher-Les-Mines, and the whole valley. 

View is much more impressive in real ! 

Anyway, we continued our way through little paths in the woods until we reach little fields of blueberries on the top of à hill, another point of view. It was kind of hard to take good pictures because big trees were always on the way. 

Still continuing our way, we finally arrived to the top of the Planche des Belles Filles for a last green and pretty view. 

And we followed our way back to the car. In total we walk 6km, with 200m of height difference. Not bad ! If you plan to go there, think of having really good shoes because you will be really into the woods. It’s also better to wear long pants because of the brambles ! 


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