Travel Experience #2 – Italy // Cinque Terre

I’ve been several times in Italy. I think one of my most beautiful souvenir of this country is my Cinque Terre trip two years ago with my friends. I didn’t know that place, and if you plan to go to Italy one day, I strongly suggest you to go there! I though that as I live in south of France, landscape would be the same but I was wrong, in the good way!

We were sleeping in Bologna if I remember well, so we took train to go to Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre is a group of five cities accross clifs and there is only one little train to bring you from a city to another.

We started by the most far away, Monterosso al Mare.DSC06341.JPG


Cinque Terre are very crowded in Summer, so avoid June / July / August if you can !

Then we took the train to Vernazza, with its beautiful harbor with colorful constructions.


Then if I remember well, we went to Corniglia. We had a lot of stairs to climb to go up to the village, but we were rewarded by the fantastic views.



I think we stopped our hike here, skipping Manarola & Riomaggiore due to lack of time, train delayed and tiredness! Only one day in Cinque Terre looks kind of marathon. If you can go there more than one day I think you can enjoy the hike paths and villages bit more. Good point for Cinque Terre (and it’s french girl speaking), they have delicious wine, yum!

If I had the occasion I’ll definately go back there !


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