Monthly goals #3 – August

Beginning of a new month ! Some goals have been achieved, other not, other are still on the way :

Travel Goals :
– Visit at least one place I’ve never been before.
Not really been to a new place this month, but took a visit in boat near a calanque in the north of Marseille. Never saw this coast by boat before and I had really nice time !

– Plan more seriously our visits in Croatia.
Argh, not done! I’ll be in holidays for 15 days from now so I have to do it !

– Plan our trip to north of France in August.
Done! Can’t wait to be there with my family and my lovely cat !

Body & Mind Goals :
– Be more regular in exercising.
Still serious with my trainings this month. Yoga challenge did help. But absolutely no running… Weather is really hot and I barely stand it…


– Update my pancake recipe and make it vegan with powder! If you have some tips, share it!
Made some tries but it was not really perfect… Need to work on this during my holidays !

– Master Sirsasana.
I think I really close to it… And I know make Crow pose and a lot of new poses, thanks to yoga challenge!

– Increase my flexibility.
Still on my way ! Goal is to touch my chin to my knees, so long way to go !

Other Goals / Projects :

– Finish to sew the new cover for my couch. (Still not done… )

– Make some pillows for the couch (Still not done…)

– Paint the roof in yellow on my kitchen. (Still not done…)

– Make my toilet decoration (paint back wall in blue / buy fake plant / buy wall art).
Done ! Love it 🙂

– I have some personnal big work project going on. Cannot tell about it here yet but… It’s on it’s way.

What are your plans for the upcoming month?


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