Cooking Recipe #7 – Vegan Lentil Patties

Today’s recipe is magic.

So easy to make – basic recipe with only 3 ingredients.

Healthy, green, vegan, customizable, you can make a big quantity at one time and then put it in your freezer to save it for later, I’m talking about… THE vegan lentil patties !

When I started to reduce my meat consumption, I have to admit that I was kind of “oh but my favorite meals are with meat”, yes I’m definately a hamburger/pizza-girl. I could eat both everyday, but it would not be very good for my waist !

Anyway, I think one of the most healthy dish I realized when I become – almost- vegetarian was a veggie-burger. I found on internet some recipes with lentils, eggs, flour but once I tried with all the non-necessary ingredients and I came up with this SUPER-EASY-3-INGREDIENTS recipe.


Vegan Lentil Patties:

For 5 patties :

  • 200gr of non-cooked lentils (= approx. one glass)
  • 1/4 onion
  • 1tab of bio veggie broth (if homemade, it’s always better)
  • 4 glasses of water

1/ Cook the lentils for 15/20min a big pot with the water and the broth.

2/ Cut the onion in small pieces, put it in the food processor.

3/ Set appart the water from the lentils, and put the lentils in food processor.

4/ Mix everything for a moment. Use a spoon the mix everything and mix again. You can add a little amount of water on the food processor to make the lentils a bit more smooth but the general texture must be compact and absolutely not fluid.

5/ Put baking paper on a oven plate. Take a ball of lentil in our hand, put it on the paper and make steak shape. You should have enough to make 5 patties.

6/ Put the plate in the non-pre-heaten oven for 20min at 200°C.

7/ Then make it grill for 3 to 5min depending on your oven, and you’re done!

Before cooking

Calories intake by serving = 125kcal

Carb = 21gr // Proteins = 10gr // Fats = 1gr

You can eat these patties with hamburgers, or alone with veggies. If you want extra-crunchiness, you can bake them on a pan with oil, but it’s more fat !

You can freeze those patties or keep them in the fridge for a few days.

This is the base recipe. Feel free to add spices, garlic, mustard or anything else that you like!

Eaten with zucchini poêlé, olive oil and herbes de Provence

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