Monthly goals #2- July

Beginning of a new month ! Some goals have been achieved, other not, other are still on the way :

Travel Goals :
– Visit at least one place I’ve never been before.
My best discover in June = Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisia ! Sure I’ll go back there for holidays.

– Plan more seriously our visits in Croatia.
Need to find how to get GPS for free with my mobile phone! We are so bad at orientation…

– Plan our trip to north of France in August.
Will make discover my home land to my man !

Body & Mind Goals :
– Be more regular in exercising.
I’ve been pretty serious with my trainings this month. Only this week, I totally had no time for myself (big working week). I’ve done like 1hour yoga almost everyday or at least 5 times by week. Unfortunately, I don’t achieve having the same rythm with running, only done 2 times this month… I think I over-estimated with 2 times a week! I’ll try at least once a week for upcoming month.

– Try to avoid fastfood more often.  Done ! With Summer it’s easy to eat salads.

– Give a try to protein powder. Done ! Didn’t liked it too. Used it 3 times:

1/ alone with water (not good taste)

2/ with mango smoothie (not bad, didn’t smell the taste too much)

3/ with cake but it was TOTAL FAIL so… wasted it…

So it leads us to next goal :

– Update my pancake recipe and make it vegan with powder! If you have some tips, share it!

– Master Sirsasana.
Still not done… I was almost there, but felt too confident, and fall… So patience, patience, patience… Practise make better !

– Increase my flexibility.

Still on my way ! Goal is to touch my chin to my knees, so long way to go !


Other Goals / Projects :

– Tile the backsplash of my kitchen. Done ! So beautiful, I love it !

– Finish to sew the new cover for my couch. (Still not done… )

– Make some pillows for the couch (Still not done…)

– Paint the roof in yellow on my kitchen.

– Make my toilet decoration (paint back wall in blue / buy fake plant / buy wall art).


What are your plans?


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