Cooking recipe #6 – Protein Pancakes

When I started to revise my diet plan (less “fake” calories, less processed food, increasing my knowledge on macronutriments, etc…), I saw that my sacred breakfast habits were not that healthy.

I was used to drink my tea with sugar and cow milk, eat a piece of white bread with butter and different fruit jam. And that was all.

I was eating at 7am, and was starving at 11am. I started to make some researchs on internet, reading that white bread had less nutrionnal value than whole grain bread, so I switched. But still, even if hunger sensation was better, I was not fully satisfied with this option, because I was trying to reequilibrate my food balance, and for this I needed to eat more proteins (eating almost no meat/fish doesn’t help when you’re new at this). I’m also trying to avoid processed food as regularly as possible. So I came accross different websites and found some healthy recipes. Problem was that more of them were cakes or bowl with oatmeal and fruits… But I’m the kind of person who LOVES spreading jam over something, so if it was not bread, I had to find something else (you need to treat yourself!).

I finally found easy pancakes recipes, I’ve adapted to my needs / ingredients easily found (yeah because it was mostly written by US people but we don’t have the same grocery stores in France), here is the recipe which I came up with :

Protein Pancakes :

For approx. 12 pancakes :

    • 200gr oat
    • 2 greek yogurts
    • 4 eggs
    • Vanilla extract (optional)
    • oil of your choice for the baking

1/ Put all ingredients in food processor (except oil) and mix until you have more or less liquid dough.

2/ Pre-heat a pan, it must be hot.

3/ Pour a small amount of oil in it, heat it up, whipe up the oil excess with paper  total, put a small amount of dough in the pan (pancakes size approx. 10cm diameter).

4/ Let it on the pan for like 3min each side (keep an eye on it, we don’t want to make it burn!)

And you’re done! So easy right?


Calories intake for 1 pancake = 115kcal

Carb = 13gr // Proteins = 4.5gr // Fats = 4.5gr

Next improvement on this recipe is to make it totally vegan, I gave it a try this week but it was a TOTAL FAIL ! Please share if you have a good and easy protein pancake recipe !

Bon appetit!


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