Cooking recipe #5 – Cherry Pie

If you are already following me on Instagram (if no, go NOW for pictures of articles in advance!), you probably saw that one of my co-worker brought HUGE amount of cherries from his garden at work. When I saw them, I immediately took something like 3kg (!). They were so sweet and juicy, I knew I could try to do a pie, or a cake, or delicious jam with it.

I started with cherry pie! No vegan pie crust for this one because I needed to make crust pastry (means with egg and real butter – yeah, even if I usually buy margarine, I have to admit that butter as better taste! If you have vegan version you can share it also!). My aunt gave me the pie recipe as she is a real cordon bleu and I totally trust her when it comes to pâtisserie.

I loved doing this pie! Except the cherry-pit-removal-step, it was so simple, not a lot of ingredients, and I loved the sweet look of this cherries, they look like little hearts don’t you think?

Anyway, here’s the recipe !


Cherry Pie :

For 6 servings :

For the crust pastry:

  • 250gr white flour
  • 125gr brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 100gr of butter

For the filling :

  • 450gr of cherries with pits already removed
  • 2spoons of brown sugar

1/ In your food processor, mix all ingredients of the crust pastry for 10min, until you get a soft and smooth pie crust.

2/ Spread the dough on a pie plate, and pre-heat it on your oven at 225° for 15min. Don’t forget to prick the pastry all over, and add some ceramic ball / beans on it to avoid the dough to bloat too much.

3/ Arrange the cherries on the dough. I only put one layer of cherries here but it’s totally up to you if you want to add more !

4/ Put it again on the oven for 30min at 200° this time.

And you’re done! Delicious with vanilla ice-cream! Definately not a diet dessert!image

Calories intake for 1 piece = 427kcal

Carb = 65gr // Proteins = 7gr // Fats = 16gr

Bon appetit !


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