Hiking #6 – Rustrel and Colorado Provençal

Maybe last hike before real Summer starts ! Weather is good here but was not good enough yet to go swimming by the sea.

So we decided to take our car and ride to the Colorado Provençal. It’s a place in the Vaucluse (town of Rustrel) named like this because of its ochre landscapes. Really unique !

I planned a long hike of 12km with my cellphone, with a special app which is offering you different hikes according to where you are. But we are not experts in finding the good paths yet and we get lost even before starting! Anyway, it gave us the occasion to see very nice views which were not on our original way.

At the beginning of our hike, we were immediately submerged by those unusual but really beautiful ochre cliffs !


Then, we followed a small path which was leading to a small chapelle, and to a belvédère, to see a very nice point of view of the valley.


We walked like 3km and it was time for lunch (home made sandwiches, yum !). As you can see on top pictures, weather was not sunny at that time but quite hot, it was really pleasant to walk on the woods.


We finally find our way to the right hiking path. We made the hike in the wrong way (started by the end but anyway !), accross the woods, climbing the cliffs and shooting impressive views !


And it was time to go back to the plain, but we stopped by a last ochre cliff, most impressive and beautiful one, we were happy to see this view by the end of our small journey !


Picture doesn’t really show the beauty of the place, it looks so much better in real !
We finished our 11km hike going back to our car, walking on the road. It was a bit disapointing to finish the hike far from “pure nature” but we had a “far-away” cliff view , and it’s always great to see where you were from another point !


Yep, we were up there !
Hope you enjoyed the ride 🙂


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