My little garden – Indoor plants

Since I have my own place, I really enjoy gardening.

At the beginning, I hadn’t really green thumb, but I’m improving every year.

I started my “collection” few years ago with a Dracaena Marginata from Ikea.

Capture d’écran 2016-06-09 à 13.58.03.png

Yep, only 1€ for this, and I have it for more or less 4years now. Look how big it is now! Taking care of this little baby is SO EASY. Just give it some water once a week/ once every two weeks during winter and once a week during summer.


4 years and so later, 50cm height !

I’m looking for nice arrangement maybe add small other plants on the trunk, let me know if you have some ideas !


After this I bought myself some Guzmania, still from Ikea. I kept it a long time but finally killed it when I took off the new growing offsprings to put in another pot… At the same time I also bought an orchid but my place was not adapted and the plant died.

Then, new flat, new plant ! I offered myself a Spatiphyllum (again from Ikea). Love/hate relationship with this one! At the beginning, everything was nice, I loved the white flowers and it looked very good. Then, I think something went wrong with watering. Flowers have faded, leaves started to turn yellow and fall… I think I watered too much. Few months ago, after seing my plant getting worse and worse, I changed my way of watering it.

Before, I was putting water on all of my plants once/twice a week by the top. Taking care that no water was staying on the bottom of the pot. Few months ago, I changed my technique. Every week-end now, I put all my indoor plants in the sink, and I let them here for an hour or so, sucking the water. I let like 5cm height of water.

So after few months, my Spatiphyllum is now looking better, but still no flowers bloomed.

This spring I bought fertilizer, my plant is looking beautiful now, I think I’ve found the right way to take care of it. I hope it will blossom again one day !


Constantly making it look better ! But no real grow after 3 years…

My mother always loved cactus. Thus, she doesn’t really have green thumb, it was the only type of plants she was able to keep alive – sorry if you’re reading this mom 🙂 -! One day, I was walking with her and totally fall in love with this one, so she offered it to me!


Apparently it’s a cactus Cereus Hildmannianus (any specialist here?). I have it for 2 years or so I guess, I’ve never changed the pot, and it doesn’t seem growing or rotting, and I’m fine with it (flowers are false so they never fade!). I’m treating it like the other plants, same “bath” rythm.

Tiny cactus on the fridge, how cute?

Last year, as I found my living room quite empty, I bought a Scindapsus Aureus (also named Pothos or Lierre Du Diable in french -nice, right?-). That was my first very big plant! It’s growing like crazy, so easy to take care! 50cl of water by week and you’re done. And it’s looking pretty good right?

Big, big, BIG Pothos !

For Valentine’s day, my lovely boyfriend bought me a very nice Kalanchoé with red flowers. During my last trip in Tunisia, few days away and no one to take care of the flowers, when I came back home it looked reaaally bad, I even thought I had killed it! Fortunately, those plants are really strong so few days after its weekly bath, it came back to life, ppfew!! Now, it’s also growing like crazy ! I’m thinking about trimming it because I would like to give it a very round and nice shape, but I’m afraid to kill it… I have to make some researchs on internet! Any advise here?

1st picture – 14th feb 2016


2nd picture – 10th june 2016

Annnd last addition to my collection, very sweet friend of mine brought me this huuuge Guzmania few months ago! No surprises, I know how to take care of it. I noticed this morning that two offsprings had popped up, I just have to be extremely careful when I’ll take them off from the mother-plant. Well, I still have time for this !



Big plant – 50cm height
Can you see the offsprings?

These days, I’m really into “growing from seeds”. At the moment, I have parsley, salad, lemon, orange, and mango. But this will be the topic of another article!

Do you enjoy gardening? Share & tell!


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