Hiking #4 – Calanque de Port Pin

Again today, not a real good and long hike (friends or effort, you have to choose sometimes !), but weather was kind of strange so I could take good pictures.

Today I’ll show you the calanque de Port-Pin. At the beginning, we wanted to go to the calanque d’En Vau (total approx. 6km come & go).

The hike starts in Cassis. You first follow a rock path for few minutes on the top of an harbor. When you turn your head back, you can see the first amazing view.

They, after few minutes of light “climbing” road, you can see a very Nice view of the sea.
As I said, weather was very strange. Hot and humid, windy, cloudy, and sunny at the same time. We were almost walking through the clouds at some moments, I loved that feeling !


After only 2km soft walk, you arrive to the calanque de Port-Pin. As summer sea son already started here, place was a bit crowded but I tried avoid people for pictures ! Few persons were swimming but water was too cold for me.


We decided to continue the ride to the Calanque d’En Vau, climbing a bit more on the path. Thanks to the weather, there was again breath-takings pictures to take !


We walked a bit more but not enough to reach En Vau this time (non-trained friends didn’t feel it). I took few seconds to take last picture and we made our way back to Port-Pin for a good lunch and laid on the beach.


I’ll definitely come back here to see En Vau !


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