Tips & tricks to a better sleep

As far as I remember, I always had issues falling asleep. I always had troubles having good night without waking up in the middle of it, and had really hard times falling asleep again.
Last year, due to stress and bad life choices I was making for myself, I even had to take sleeping pills to forget everything and have my sleep back for a month or so…

My yoga practise is evolving everyday, so do I. I read a lot about yoga, nutrition related articles, well being articles. It leaded me naturally to meditation. I was thinking to myself that I had to try this, always in a purpose of being more calm, balanced and mind-opened… But didn’t do it.

Then one day, I was talking to my mom about the terrible past night weeks (falling asleep at 9pm, waking up at 1am, coming back to sleep at 3am, waking up again at 5am… Yup, that’s how it looked like…), then we started to talk about yoga and meditation, she told me it was maybe the solution, so that night I forced myself to give it a try and guess what… It worked !!!

So, that night, at 11pm, I laid down on my bed, on comfy position, and searched for some “meditation for having a restoring night” kind of video. I selected one hour vid and relaxed…
And woke up like 7hours later, having sensation that I had my best night for ages !!

I’m doing this for weeks now and I never felt that good. My mind opened, I’m more awake, more calm and balanced than ever. I think it even helped me with loosing fat !
And as an extra, I also add each night one drop of essential lavender oil on my pillow, smells so good and feel so relaxing !

I hope this article would help people who are fighting with sleeping issues !
If any french readers interested here, I can give you the link !

Now, let’s share, what are your tricks to spend a good night ?


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