Monthly goals #1- June

I’ve read somewhere that it’s important to set yourself some goals to realize. Like this, you can give yourself some motivation, keep focused and track your “progress” to have some extra cheering up !
Here’s my own goal list for June :

Travel Goals :
– Visit at least one place I’ve never been before.
This goal is very important to me, I think it will remain each month.

Body & Mind Goals :
– Be more regular in exercising.
After gaining some weight last year, I decided to change. Not because I felt bad in my body or fat or something, I realized that I haven’t a very healthy way of life. So I started to go to gym, and then quit the gym and find my own fitness routine. I think I’ve finally found what’s right for me! So my goal is to run at least twice a week (1hour run), and practising yoga at least 3 times a week.

– Try to avoid fastfood more often.
I know fastfood is evil ! I used to work at McDonalds in my early 20’s and took the bad habit to eat there very very often (more than 5times a week…). Even if I know it’s bad for health, I can’t help going there at least once a week… Still a lot, right?

– Give a try to protein powder.
I don’t have a lot of weight to loose but regarding my diet, I know I don’t eat enough proteins (and so too much carbs). Maybe this powder can help me to have more balanced diet.

– Master Sirsasana.
It’s like one month I’m practising and I feel I’m so close to achieve this pose !

– Increase my flexibility.
I think it can help with my back aches.


Other Goals / Projects :

I’m a new house owner! In fact I owe my appartement for one year now but there is still some work to do. I always sweep away what I have to do just lay on the couch and watch some series. Hope this goal list will help me to find extra-motivation !

– Tile the backsplash of my kitchen. Tiles are ordered, just waiting for it to come !

– Finish to sew the new cover for my couch (I started like month ago and cannot find motivation to finish… I need to do it!!).

– Make some pillows for the couch (I got some very nice fake fur fabric I have to use).


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