Hiking #2 – Dune Du Pilat

I know I can’t really name today’s article a real “hiking” article because we actually not walked that much (pros and cons of going outside with friends who are not trained to walk and not really enjoying it !).
Anyway !

So I discovered yesterday a really nice place in the west coast of France this time, called Dune Du Pilat (apparently we can also spell it Pyla, we found both on directions)
I must admit the road by car to go was not very pleasant. It should have take 1h to go but it took like more than 2h because we get caught in the trafic jam… So, my advice if you want to go there someday, plan to arrive there very early, because on sunny days, this place is really crowded (we can say it’s a “must-have-seen-place” in France, it’s really popular), even finding a parking spot can become a nightmare.

After having crossed the forest by a little path (also crowded, with touristic restaurants and shops…), you arrive in front of a very high sand dune, it’s approx. 110m high, and it’s the highest dune in Europe ! You can climb it on the sand directly or take the stairs, if you’re more lazy (what we did, huh !).

Once upstairs, effort is worthing it !


Top view of Dune Du Pilat


Again, a lot of people, but you just have to walk a bit on the top of the dune to go to less crowded place.


Sand & Sea view



On the top of the wall !



Forest, sand & sea


And to finish, view of the other side of the dune, very impressive view of the forest !

Be careful not to fall !

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