Cooking recipe #1- Carrot tops quiche

I always liked to cook. Recently, I started to buy really fresh fruits and vegetables coming from my region, you buy a basket of 4/5 kg and every week you get different fruits and vegetables. It’s very nice when like me, you don’t like to go the grocery store, and it gives you the occasion to taste products you would never have bought by your own !

So this week, I cooked a carrot tops quiche (who know carrot tops were eatable ?).


Home made vegan pastry :
– 200gr of whole weat flour,
– 100gr of margarine
– small amont of water

Mix first the flour and the margarine. Next, add water just to make very smooth pastry.
Pre-cook it in the hoven at 180°C during 20min.

Filling :
– 1 medium onion,
– carrot tops,
– 2 eggs,
– 1 greek yogourt,
– 130gr Cantal cheese
– mustard,
– ground nutmeg,
– salt & pepper

Once the pastry is cooked, put the onion and the carrot tops on it.
Mix the eggs with greek yogourt, add tea spoon of mustard, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Pour this mixture on the quiche, and add finally the Cantal cheese.
Cook the quiche for 20min at 220°C.

I served this quiche with salad.

Bon appétit !



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