The beginning

Lately, I’ve been very self concious.
Read a lot of articles about self-acceptance, how being more happy in life, how to sweep away bad things in life and learn how to love the good ones.

I’ve heard that for some people, writing can be a therapy. So let’s try !
Everything started at the beginning of 2015. I don’t know exactly why but it started with reducing A LOT my meat consumption. That would be my goal for 2015. I wasn’t peaceful with myself at that time. I had some little extra-weight, I was in a relationship which was not satisfying me, maybe I was searching for a way to feel better.
Anyway, at this time, one year ago, I was about to move in with this toxic person, I knew he was not the one for me but I did it anyway. Few months later, we broke up (in real pain for me), and this is the point where I decided I really wanted to change.
I wanted to change not only my weight, or my haircut, or something material, I also wanted to change my way of living, my way of treating myself.

This is a very long process and this is why I’m here today, to remember how hard it is everyday, but also see my progress and encourage myself to be a better person everyday.


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